Thursday, September 6, 2007

Food and Hats

Paul Newman tells the story of two young actors who meet on a movie set: one says to the other, "boy did I meet a girl last night. It was terrific, best date I ever had." Twenty years later they meet again: "boy, did I have a meal last night night. It was incredible. Best meal I ever had." Twenty years later they meet again:"boy, did I have a bowel movement last night..."

I think I'm at the middle stage; apparently, it's all about the food right now.

Yesterday was Jackie's birthday and we went to Terroni's for pizza. What can I say? It's Terroni's, it's pizza, end of story.

I'm still inside, paying; they're outside, smoking.

And since the Nutty Chocolatier is just steps away...

After that we went home and had cake.

And what's a birthday without hats and embarrassing photos posted on a blog.

And when there's leftover cake for breakfast, unbridled joy.

Amuse yourselves while you can folks, after this, it's is all about bowel movements.

And silly hats.

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