Saturday, January 19, 2008

Castles in the Air; Castles in the Sand

When we got up this morning and stepped out onto the balcony for our morning view (with high powered binoculars of course), we spotted some activity.

Building sand castles has long been a shore front pastime for kids with little shovels and little pails. And over the years we've seen some pretty spectacular creations often done by pro's who travel the sand castle circuit.

Who knew?

The evening, for our postprandial stroll, we popped down to the beach to get a closer look. The sun had gone down, but the castle was illuminated. And looked even better up close.

Then there was the inscription: Brianne will you marry me?

From the screaming that was going on when we got there, I'm guessing Brianne said yes.

Just 'nother day in paradise.

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