Monday, October 15, 2007

Toronto Marathon

Yeah, I know it's for a good cause, the Princess Margaret Hospital. But it's always for a good cause. And it's not just the Toronto Marathon. There's a slew of 'em and they're always on a Sunday.

Maybe the people running this show still think that Sunday's the Lord's Day and nobody's working and nobody's going to be inconvenienced by all the cops rerouting traffic so you have to go miles out of your way to get to work, or go shopping or get to Princess Margaret Hospital for that matter, or some other damn thing.

So why is it always Downtown Toronto? Can't someplace else share the joy, share the glory, of hosting these things.

And if it has to be Toronto, why can't they just close the Gardiner Expressway (which they do practically every other weekend anyway) and run there. Or Exhibition Park. Or High Park. Or Rosedale Valley Road and the Bayview Extension?

It's Sunday. Give it a rest. I need to work.

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