Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Adore My 64

We were going through a sleeve of old posters we have tucked away and re-discovered this one. In 1984 (I think), along with millions of others, I bought a Commodore 64 computer. And not only did I buy one, I was cast as Vincent van Gogh in the "I Adore My 64" commercial. I believe that the theme was that all creative people, Hemingway, Mozart, Wright Bros, Van Gogh would have used a 64. I was a pretty close match for Vinnie.

This is the poster for that spot.

And after we'd shot the thing, I bought all the peripherals off the floor: the external floppy drive, monitor, printer. I still have the monitor (and use it as a dvd monitor).

I did love my 64, but then, along came mac.

I'm still waiting to do a mac commercial.

And as old Vincent said while he was slicing that ear off:
just 'nother day in Paradise.

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