Friday, August 31, 2007

T & T dim sum

I've seen big flags before, always in the US, but this may be the biggest Canadian flag in Canada.

It flies above the parking lot of the brand spankin' new (on the site of the old Knob Hills) T & T Supermarket on Cherry Street, right across the road from the Cirque de Soleil tents.

This is an Asian foods market that I'd heard about and always wanted to visit but it was located in the depths of Scarborough or something so I wasn't in any hurry to get there. I thought next time I'm out that way...

However, yesterday's paper had an article about the new downtown store just opening and I thought, wait a minute, I live downtown, and I'm going to be out that way, so...

It's a beautiful store. I'm such an adventures-in-retail junkie that I can happily wander through a store looking at displays and the ways the owners choose to merchandise their wares.

Live fish, lobsters, and crabs; great hot take out; and the usual grocery items as well as shelves and shelves of stuff you really won't see at your local shops.

And while there, I bumped into Marty Gallin (of Marty & Avrum) doing his shopping and we both had the same complaint: not enough translation of the products' descriptions.

He makes his living talking about food and wanted to try a bunch of stuff but was too tired of having to wade through the product ingredient list to try to figure what some of the foods were. The lists are in English but the labels often are not.

Me? I just looked at the pretty pictures on the cans; but then, my shopping basket was empty and his was full.

I just got dim sum to go. Next time, ribs.

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