Monday, November 5, 2007

A Couple of Clowns

I’ve known Camilla Gryski on and off for a long time. She is, as Today's Parent says, a woman of many hats: a clown, and not just any party in your face clown, but a theraputic clown at Sick Kids; and she’s authored more than a couple of books. One of her books is called: Cat’s Cradle A Book of String Games. Illustrated by Tom Sankey.

In 1971, I become a
professional, Equity card carrying, actor, appearing nightly at the Global Village Theatre on St. Nicholas (now the home of Noah’s Natural Foods).

The show we did was “The Golden Screw” and I think it had won an OBIE in New York; our director was also its author and had starred in it in New York. Tom Sankey.

(A sidebar: the show is still being produced, here and there, hither and yon.)

I bought this on ebay for 99¢ just a couple of weeks ago.
How could I resist?

Fergus Hambleton and the boys provided the music and Gilda Radner worked in the box office selling tickets.

Next year she auditioned for Godspell by singing Zippadee do dah. That's when she became Gilda Radner.

But that day we were just a bunch of clowns trying to get some laughs and make a buck in show biz.

L-R: Michael, Mary Ann, Me, Vinetta & Gilda on Marcus' shoulders

What a wonderful feeling, wonderful day, plenty of sunshine comin' my way.

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