Friday, November 2, 2007

desperately seeking

I'm not sure why, but I was pressured into joining Facebook.

Not in the "we'll break your legs" kind of way, but in the subtle, "all the really cool kids are doing it" kind of way. And the "you'll have loads of fun" kind of way.

And since I've always been known as a a fad follower post facto trend setter, here I am.

I've trolled around, for I am a troll, and joined a couple of groups.

And wrote on a wall.

And now what?

I feel like the kid at the party hanging out in the corner, who can't decide between the Cheesies and the cute blond with the short skirt. Tough choice. At least I had a shot with the Cheese Puffs, but I'm still wedged in the corner.

Speaking of which, Barbara's Bakery Cheese Puffs are terrific. Get 'em at your local health food (seriously) emporium or Whole Paycheck.

So back to Facebook. I know it's a social networking site. Gotta love that term. And I know it's mostly kids (that definition changes of course, for me now, it's people under 50.)

And as Chuck Lorre wrote on one of his vanity cards, I seem to be invisible to young women. And rightly so, I suppose.

So what am I doing on Facebook. I dunno, I'll let you now after I network some more.

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